BLUEDIO H2S Headphone

  • GH₵250.00

  1. Battery last 40hrs of active music play. Meaning you can play at least 600 songs before it goes off.
  2. The sound quality is like nothing you’ve heard before. Its top notch quality sound.
  3. You can listen via Bluetooth,cable and inserting memory card.
  4. Comes with a type C USB cable for charging. Hence it charges fast.
  5. It has a noise cancellation button. When button is pushed. Headphone blocks outside noise and make sound clearer.
  6. Its touch sensitive. You can touch the side of the headphone to change music.
  7. There is a soft foam around the ear area which makes its so comfortable to wear.
  8. It has been designed aethestically to ensure beautiful and comfortability.
  9. Comes in a very nice and strong packaging.